Why should I invest in Skincare products?

Your skin is exposed to a vast variety of elements every day including UV radiation, pollution, and free radicals. All of the skincare products we offer at Amici MedSpa are designed to protect, repair, and nourish your skin to fight off these harmful elements to allow your skin to look it's best. To acheive the best results your skincare products need to be used regularly.  

We proudly carry Epionce, Skinceuticals, Skinbetter Science and Alastin Products

Model Applying Cream

Skincare Products Q&A

What skincare products do you offer? We carry many of the leading medical-grade skincare brands including Skinceuticals, SkinBetter Science, Alastin, and Epionce. 

What does the term "medical grade" mean? Medical grade skincare products are those that are only available through a physician. These products offer a stronger level of active ingredients that are not available over the counter at a drugstore. This means you will see significant results sooner. 

What can your skincare products treat? All of the Medical-grade skincare products we use at Amici MedSpa can help your skin look healthy, clear, vibrant, reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Proper skin care is essential for maintaining beautiful, youthful-looking skin. Using quality skincare products combined with in-office treatments will aid in prolonging your Botox/Dermal Filler treatments. 

What product(s) are right for me?  Every client receives a free no-obligation in-depth skin evaluation during your consultation. During this time, a specialist will determine the most beneficial treatment and products based on your skin type, concerns, and goals.