Immune Boost $129



Immune boost is a special combination of IV fluids and vitamins to jump-start your immune system and give you more energy to fight off that nasty virus - leaving you feeling rejuvenated. Try this special Immune Infusion that contains:

1 liter of normal saline fluids for hydration


Vitamin C directly boosts the immune system and it has a potent antioxidant function. The antioxidant function helps protect cell structures like collagen, proteins, and DNA from damages by free radicals and reactive oxygen species which are common in high-stress states, chronic illness, and infections.


Zinc which is crucial for normal development and function of cells. It helps the immune system fight off invading bacteria and viruses.


Vitamin B Complex to increase energy.


All these vitamins and minerals together help to jump-start your immune system and give you the energy you need to keep going with your busy lifestyle.

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